This is what our Clients have to say about us....

I want to thank you again. You have made this step in our transition so much easier for us. I will recommend you to others without reserve. Thanks again, ~ Nancy F., Stoneham, Ma.

Thank you for the impressive updates owing to your hard work. I am glad to learn you have a good sense about it and appreciate the daily updates after a busy day. Must have been fascinating and would really like the furniture to go to those who love it. Thank you also for fielding the various human interest pieces in the midst of it and appreciate that you were there to handle each situation with delicacy and to do what seemed right for me.

I emailed your link to------with a special note about how great the sale would be. It seems your hard work has had such great results already.......Thanks again and here's rooting for the next two days!

~ Patricia C., Lynnfield, Ma.    Thank you for a successful estate sale!! Best to you!

..I hired UPSCALE TAG SALES to liquidate my family home after both my Mom and Dad had passed.  Having never done this before, and dealing with the high emotions of liquidating items that were so much a part of my entire life, Gina and Patricia were not only professional and knowledgeable about the value of items but understood the sensitivity of the job.

If they came across anything that they thought might be a family heirloom or just something that we may have overlooked, they held it aside until we could make a decision.  I found this so comforting especially since we had been in the home for over 50 years.

The sale was a great success due to their  following and reputation.  As promised, hundreds of buyers arrived early and stayed late. I am happy to highly recommend UPSCALE TAG SALES to my family and friends." ~ Ann Marie A., Winthrop, MA

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"My Clients were beyond thrilled with Patricia's reliable and honest feedback and help with handling the sale and tasks.  We were able to sell the home quickly because she left it sparkling!"~Elaine Sawyer-Remax~

"They approached the entire project thoughtfully-holding personal items back from sale or donation that they suspected we may have missed in our sorting and might want.. ..  And through it all they were always professional, personable, and enjoyable to work with.  We are happy to recommend UPSCALE TAG SALES." ~ Richard E.,  Sally C.B., Linda M.V., Kathleen C.G, Beverly, MA

"I carefully researched tag sale companies and met them to explain what they do.  I was so impressed with "UPSCALE TAG SALES", a Mother-Daughter team that I hired them to handle my mother's estate sale.  From day one they were so easy to work with, followed through with everything they said they would do.  They even packed up donation items and brought them to the Salvation Army.  Basically, they made my life easier while I cared for my sick Mother.  I have since gone to Upscales's sales and find them to be so professional and nice people.  I would recommend them to any one of my family and friends." ~  Jody M., Peabody, MA 

"Patricia and Gina were great!  They are professional, flexible and were incredibly easy to work with on what seemed an overwhelming project.  They  both worked tirelessly planning, pricing, advertising and then executing a successful three-day estate sale.  They knew exactly how many people were needed to man the sale in a  sprawling 3-story home and garage that was full of all kinds of inventory. And, after the three days, they continued to identify potential buyers for some of the remaining furniture and other house contents." ~ Linda B. , Noreen M., Waltham, MA

Downsized..."I am very happy to be writing a testimonial on behalf of UPSCALE TAG SALES.  I found the company to be extremely professional and knowledgeable in pricing as well as negotiating items on sale day.  The team spent a great deal of time preparing for the sale and researching items to ensure that the pricing was fair and reasonable.  They went out of their way to keep me informed of the steps required to have a successful sale and welcomed and appreciated input.  I feel the sale was successful because of their hard work and dedication.  I recommend Upscale Tag Sales without hesitation or reservation.  Let Upscale Tag Sales work with you and for you." ~ Sheila L., Arlington, MA

"Thanks so much for the successful estate tag sale.  There is no way I could have emptied my mother's house without you and your dedicated team..  No matter what the obstacle- extreme cold, snow and 65 years of accumulation, you did a magnificent job!  Thanks for everything." ~ Jody H., Wenham, MA